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Loosen Up...It's Just Hair!

Let's loosen up,'ll literally prevent long term damage to our children's heads and spirit. How many times have you heard, "Ouch, Mommy!" when combing your son/daughter's hair? In most cases, every time. Many times, it's due to the lack of preparation and thought of care for manipulating the child's hair texture. We have to not only have the right products for their texture (I'll discuss that in another article), but we need the right attitude.

I can't say that I've ever been truly excited to schedule a couple of hours solely for washing/styling my girls' hair...not to mention before doing my own! I'd usually wait until the last minute and then rush through it just to get the job finished and had two sad faces looking up at me as if I shook their little worlds.

A parent's poor attitude typically frustrates the child and we, the parents, become frustrated with the child. Is it ever really their fault? What did we do to properly encourage them to get their hair done? Our efforts to ease their hair management doesn't always have to be a cursed event. I found that by changing my attitude and outlook on managing hair would make the job not only easier for them, but easier for me.

Here are some tips and tricks to making Hair Wash Day actuallly fun:

1. Get celebrating!

Mark "Hair Wash Day" on your calendar with a fun sparkly sticker and have it posted on the fridge as a visible friendly reminder. Remember, it's us who know it's no party we'd ever want to attend....they don't.

2. Create a System!

Know what you're doing and how you're going to do it. If you don't already have a hair washing technique (section, lather, rinse, condition, detangle)...find one ASAP. Your child will never be comfortable unless they can adapt to ordered steps in their hair care.

3. Talk about it with a smile!

Get enthusiastic when discussing the wretched event! Discuss how clean and pretty their hair will be. Remember partying when they pooped in the potty? Fake it til they make it!

4. Make a Hair Wash Day Loot Bag!

Create a bag of goodies your child can enjoy just on Hair Wash Day. Nothing spectacular, but items (bath toys, dolls, coloring books, etc.) they'd look forward to using as they get their hair done.

5. Include your child!

With twins, it was easy to have them take turns lathering up the shampoo in her sister's hair. If you're blessed enough to only have one party goer, let him/her enjoy washing/conditioning a section or two of their own. They'd never know it, but you're prepping them for the inevitable series of hair washing they'll have to face in the years ahead.

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