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Natural Hair Age 8?

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

There's a misconception that managing kinky-curly hair, to be worn loose, is virtually impossible for children. Well, I've managed two heads of kinky hair (not including my own) worn loose daily for the past can definitely be done!

Payton & Reagan have chosen natural hair freedom a year ago and haven't looked back since.

Welcome to their world of natural hair freedom (managed and cared for by, a naturalista with no beauty school skills). It's a world of hair freedom they've come to know pretty well over the past year. You're probably wondering how Reagan and Payton have been able to maintain their massive manes (how fitting is it they're Leo's too?) each day without any damage? Well, the answer is very simple. They've been trained along with their hair.

“Do you want to get your hair moisturized before or after your shower? That's the trick of it all- giving children the idea they have a choice makes all the difference.”

Training is a part of our daily activity, so hair care maintenance fits in quite perfectly each night. Just like bathing is a daily ritual in our household, so is moisturizing and hair setting.

Communication is Key

It's important to communicate openly with your child/ren about the desired outcome and set goals for their hair journey. If the goal is to wear their thick kinky hair loose, they'll need to understand the positives and negatives that may be involved. Are they aware of the effects of not maintaining a healthy hair care regimen? Are they patient? Do they know what to do when they encounter a knot? Is this their desire or yours? Making sure your child/ren understand the overall commitment is an important goal you'll want in place before setting their strands free. Tangling can be costly for both you and your child if their hair is not properly cared for and maintained.

In the next fewarticles, I'll share with you just how we've successfully maintained hair health, length, and our sanity over the past year. There have been tears shed by all parties, but their have been more victories than losses. They've gained confidence and an understanding of how incredibly blessed they are to have healthy kinky curls and a mom who has prepared them for a lifetime.

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