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For the Love of Oils

Twin Braids...for both girls after a soothing scalp massage. My twin girls were beginning to experience itching (sign of a thirsty scalp) three days into their straightened dos, so I parted their hair in small sections, applied the oil, and gently massaged it into their scalps. They quickly felt relief and were off to bed. Their natural hair is used to a daily "drink" of water. I may have to apply this oil more than our weekly double dosage.

This Jamaican Black Castor Oil w/Hemp Seed Oil is really green, smh...I was not ready lol! So, I've wanted to try it for a while and see what all the hype is about Hemp Oil. Like JBCO, it promotes hair growth. It contains fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3 that help stimulate hair follicles and It helps prevent water loss from the scalp. So when it's blended with JBCO I can't lose, right? This blend is thinner and doesn't smell much of ash (which may be a bonus for some lol).

We started off with a wash and conditioning last night (I wanted to start with freshly washed hair). We're using SIJBCO Lavender on our scalps and hair at least twice a week for the next 3 months (you can dilute it with water or another carrier oil if needed). I've added our staples too (our "carrier oil cocktail" of grape seed oil to the mix) and seal with raw shea butter!!! I can't describe how soft their hair is...yes, it's THAT soft. I massaged it into their scalps, paying close attention to their edges and gave them a fabulous puff!

Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been more effective at battling our dry scalps during winter. It keeps itching at bay and I only need to apply it a couple times a week to damp hair/scalps. It is definitely more potent and is what we four ladies need. As you can see, it's thicker and darker than the regular strength.

Keeping it REAL! If it looks too good to be usually is! This 8oz size of "Tea Tree" Oil for only $6.99 is made up of many, many, many other ingredients. It isn't even first on the list of ingredients! It sat amongst many other bottles down an aisle at a beauty supple store. The 1 oz size is priced at $9.99 (also found behind the register), but it's pure tea tree.

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